A New Moon Tarot Spread

I developed the spread below in order to tap into the power of the new moon this weekend. I invite you to pull out your deck and see what this underappreciated stage of the lunar cycle has for you this month.


                 2                              4


 It’s supposed to look like the moon! Not shown is the optional fifth card.

  1. What is gestating: This card represents things that are in the works and that need the darkness of the new moon to continue to ripen. Basically, leave well-enough alone. Don’t focus too much on them. Just let them incubate.
  2. What is hidden: This card reveals an aspect of your life that you are blind to—something perhaps that it may be good to begin shining a light on as the moon waxes again. It’s likely an area that is spreading difficulties in multiple parts of your life.
  3. What needs to be shed: This card represents the things in your life that need to come to an end and be released. Take some time to symbolically shed and mourn their passing this weekend. Don’t carry them into the new month with you.
  4. What needs to begin: This represents the new seeds in your life that you are sewing right now. Have you already started to bring them into the works? Or are the seeds still waiting to be planted in the rich soil of your life? Got on that. It’s planting season.
  5. Optional guide card: If you feel the need for more information or guidance on how to begin using the knowledge gleaned from the four cards above, you can draw an optional guide card. It may apply specifically to a single card in your spread, or it could tie them all together somehow.

4 thoughts on “A New Moon Tarot Spread

  1. Allie says:

    I loved the idea of this spread and as I started flipping the cards over it made sense but then I flipped the last cards and I’m confused. Help please.
    Card 1: 6 of Wands
    Card 2: King of Cups
    Card 3: 10 of Cups
    Card 4: 8 of Swords
    Card 5: The Chariot

    • My guess is that the chariot applies to the 8 of swords as a “how” on beginning that without getting yourself painted into a corner. I see it as a suggestion to bring the seemingly opposing forces within yourself into alignment with each other so that they work together rather than against.

      • Allie says:

        Thank you for the reply. I think I understand but it’s still all so very confusing. I just started my tarot journey this past May so I’m still learning.

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