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20 thoughts on “Copyright and Comment Policy

  1. Marty Rhea says:

    This is the most helpful article I have ever read on specific things someone can do to help when another is overwhelmed. May I please keep a copy to remind me long after I have forgotten where you are? I specifically mean a physical copy with full attribution to you, yet accessible for me?

    Admin edit: Comment referring to

  2. Marty Rhea says:

    I’m sorry. I was referring to the post on PTSD.

  3. I found the cartoon describing on what a friend can say to a depressed person,exactly what I would have had said( or as I would want to be treated). My son showed this to me months ago. I have spent hours upon hours looking for it. I want to thank you for hitting the nail, right on the head.v

  4. Would like to to follow your blog.

  5. manit0ba says:

    I like your blog and the fact that you are honestly attempting to help people with panic attacks. As you know, they are not fun — I am an expert witness on that! Your readers may find the following helpful — it looks at panic attacks from several different angles in a fair amount of depth…
    Good luck to you!

  6. kristihugs says:

    I wanted to ask permission to actually use your post copyright info, but I do not see a contact form to ask privately. I have folks taking from me all the time and your statement is clear and concise. If it is ok, please just give me a thumbs up. I will give proper credit.

    • The copyright statement itself is totally generic, adjusted to reflect my blog but open for anyone to use. No need to give me credit for that part. Is that the only part you were interested in using? The Comment policy underneath that is my own creation. I think it’s pretty specific to my blog, but if you want to use part of that, we can talk about how that might work.

  7. […] This post contains nudity. Respect is expected. Before you comment, please read my comment policy. Sexist or slut-shaming language will not be […]

  8. I was referred to your excellent site by my wife. I am researching a book on PTSD and resilience. I would very much like to include the cartoon by robot hugs and your words about comforting a survivor of PTSD. I think it would be of great benefit to those trying to understand a loved one during these trying times. I would of course credit you and your website appropriately

    • Hi, thanks for contacting me. I can’t speak for Robot Hugs; you’ll have to contact them about using the cartoon. As for my post, I’m flattered that you want to use my words, and I appreciate your asking me. However, I’m going to decline. I’m not comfortable with giving my permission for a book to reprint my words without more information. Books are a whole different beast because they generally involve profits, sales, publishers, contracts, royalties, etc. I’d need to work something out in a written contract with a lawyer and the publisher about how my words would be used, what compensation or royalty payment I would get from sales, and how my rights to the work are affected. If your publisher wishes to move forward with that, we can revisit the topic, but most publishers aren’t thrilled about the idea of having to work around the copyright of a work within a work unless it’s absolutely essential to the book.

      I definitely hope that people find my post helpful, and that seems to be the case from the attention it receives. I’m glad I wrote it. I’m very thankful to those who contributed and talked with me about their experiences. And I would love for you to refer people to my site as a resource if you feel it is valuable. Of course, you’re welcome to check in about the fair-use laws as outlined by the government and work within those. I just can’t give my stamp of approval to being reprinted in a book about which I have no knowledge, especially without a more formal proceeding to protect my work, rights, and financial interests.

  9. Hannah Zito says:

    This article has helped he so much over the last few years. I have shared this and referred it several times. I even turned my therapist on to this link, I find it unbelievably helpful in hard times. Thank you.

  10. S Brunett says:

    Forgiveness is Bullshit= brilliant!

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